Note: I’m in the process of overhauling this site. In particular, I hope eventually to get many or most of the projects I’ve been working on — music, science, etc. — up and catalogued, mostly to organize my own thoughts and share with close friends and family. Unfortunately, this will take some time, so for now, I present an incomplete and sloppily put together summary of some of the things I’ve been thinking about.

All posts will be ranked: * means you can jump in and read the post without knowing anything, ** means that the post will assume you know something, and *** means you probably will need some college or graduate level mathematics or physics. Most posts will fall under the ** category, and I’ll try to provide you with sources where you can acquaint yourself with the relevant prerequisite topics.

About me

I’m a student of science hoping to share some of the things I find beautiful with others. I majored in math at UChicago and in Fall 2016 I’m starting a PhD in physics at Stanford, where I plan on focusing on high energy and condensed matter theory.

Contact info: [first name last name] at gmail dot com
Curriculum Vitae

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